Aesthetics in Implantology

with Dr. Ueli Grunder, EAED Active Member

Reaching an optimal esthetic result in implant therapy is a challenging and large- scale procedure. One of the most important aspects is the predictability of our final results. The different disciplines of dentistry which are involved (oral surgery, periosurgery, prosthodontics) should not be discussed separately. The only way to achieve a satisfactory result is to take into consideration all possible aspects during every step of the treatment (treatment planning, surgery, prosthodontics). Different treatment modalities and aspects for single tooth replacement and partially edentulous cases will be discussed:

  • Introduction and biological background
  • Analysis of the cases prior the treatment – the key for success
  • What to do when extracting a tooth in the aesthetic zone
  • The ideal temorary for complex treatments
  • The influence of the implant position regarding the prosthetic possibilities
  • The influence of the implant – crown connection on bone stability
  • Immediate implant placement in the aesthetic zone – how to get the best results
  • Bone augmentation to improove aesthetics simultaneously with implant placement
  • Bone augmentation prior to implant placement
  • Soft tissue augmentation: different procedures
  • Second stage surgery – how can we control the tissue
  • Soft tissue management during the prosthetic phase of the treatment
  • The choice between screw-retained or cemented restoration
  • Different materials used for the supra-structures
  • Complications before, during and after the treatment
  • Long-term results: how stable is the augmented tissue over up to 30 years
  • Summary
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Special Feature: Hands-on Workshop

During a hands-on course on implant placement with simultaneous GBR the following topics will discussed:

  • The selection of the ideal technique
  • Type of incision
  • GBR techniques (membranes, graft material)
  • Suturing technique